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Welcome to Nokia Upper Secondary School (Nokian lukio)


Nokia Upper Secondary School is a vibrant, high-quality local upper secondary school with about 400 students, aged 16 to 19, and 30 teachers. In addition, we provide dual-qualification education for the students of the local vocational school network Tredu.

Our students study a wide range of subjects that enable versatile and efficient education including the use of digital learning material and the benefit of digital exams. All that prepares the students for further studies for example in a university or a university of applied sciences, which can both be found in the nearby city of Tampere.

In addition to courses in the national curriculum, Nokia Upper Secondary School has many school-specific courses, for instance a number of courses in mathematics and science as well as languages. We also have a sports class where it is possible to combine active sports training with upper secondary studies. Furthermore, our students can complete diplomas in music, oral communication, theatre, visual arts and physical education.

What matters to us are a sense of community, locality and cooperation with our local stakeholders. The school is a member of the European School Nerwork and we also provide other possibilities for the students to combine international visits and student exchange with their studies here in Nokia.


Contact information

  • Address: Kankaantaankatu 4, 37100 Nokia
  • Principal: Juha Sainio, +35840 7799 043, juha.sainio @
  • Assistant principal: Jouni Aapajärvi, +35840 1319 662, jouni.aapajarvi@
  • School office: Tuija Ansio, +35850 3956 355, tuija.ansio @