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Thanks to its name, Nokia may well be the best-known Finnish town all around the world. The industrial town has retained its unique identity and is now an integral part of the attractive Tampere region. Nokia hosts strong industrial traditions, and even today, the foundation for its well-being is laid by major industrial companies.


Surrounded by water systems, Nokia is famous for its spa, factory outlets and events, as well as its distinctive landscapes and versatile cultural offerings. This rejuvenated, growing and constantly developing town is also home to several reputed Finnish brands, artists and athletes, making Nokia a great springboard for worldwide success.


Come visit and be pleasantly surprised!



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Visit Tampere Region - Tourist Information, tel. +858 3 5656 6800
Hämeenkatu 14 B, FIN-33100 Tampere, FINLAND

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A brochure of Town of Nokia. Basic information.

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Information on Tampere and its surrounding municipalities in a nutshell.

Ossi Somma's sculpture "Turkiskauppiaat" ("Fur Dealers") in PIrkkalaistori
This dock is in Kennonnokka, from where you can dive into Lake Vihnusjärvi
Open market right in the center of Nokia

The story behind the name

According to researchers, the name "Nokia" stems from a dark marten, the extinct sable, which can nowadays be seen only in the Nokia coat of arms.

From the very beginning, the Nokia paper mill used the name Nokia Ab.The company owned the Nokia Manor, built in the oldest residential area in the region, and a village by the same name had formed around it. Northern Pirkkala became a markte town in 1937 and changed its name to Nokia a year later. In 1977, Nokia became a town.